EDI X12 Server

EDI CSV Excel translation for X12 and HIPAA transactions. Try it free for 3 weeks.
Unlimited translations $ 580 per year.
Local execution
Your translation runs as local application for faster processing and extra security.
Cloud enabled
Translation rules stored on the web for easy access. You can edit translation while away from your desk.
Monitor translations as they execute.
Cross platform
You can run translation on various platforms Linux, Mac OSX or Windows.
40xx, 50xx, 60xx
All popular EDI X12 standard releases supported. That is 4010, 5010, 6010 and all in-between.
HIPAA support
All HIPAA transaction sets supported. 837, 834, 835, 270, 271 and more.
Translate both EDI to CSV and CSV to EDI. CSV is tabular plain-text format easy to open in Excel.
Unlimited Setups
Setup unlimited number of different translations.
Get support for any questions you may have.